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High School Science Teacher

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"In 2007, a Carnegie Foundation commission of distinguished researchers and public and private leaders concluded that 'the nation’s capacity to innovate for economic growth and the ability of American workers to thrive in the modern workforce depend on a broad foundation of math and science learning, as do our hopes for preserving a vibrant democracy and the promise of social mobility that lie at the heart of the American dream.' However, the U.S. system of science and mathematics education is performing far below par and, if left unattended, will leave millions of young Americans unprepared to succeed in a global economy."

"Quality science education is based on standards that are rich in content and practice, with aligned curricula, pedagogy, assessment, and teacher preparation and development."

"States have previously used the National Science Education Standards from the National Research Council (NRC) and Benchmarks for Science Literacy from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to guide the development of their current state science standards. While these two documents have proven to be both durable and of high quality, they [were both published in the mid-1990s]. In addition, major advances have since taken place in the world of science and in our understanding of how students learn science effectively."†

"To be competitive in the 21st century, American students must have the knowledge and skills to succeed in college and in the knowledge-based economy. Today, students are no longer just competing with their peers from other states but with students from across the globe."

† all quotes taken from the NGSS Website

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Mr. Powner's Efforts

I have made an effort to study and correlate all major sources of science education standards for the courses I teach. Feel free to borrow from my efforts, which are in the form of an MS Excel spreadsheet. | Sciene Education Standards Correlation |

2012 National Framework for K-12 Science Education

Developed by the National Research Council (NRC), the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and Achieve

National Academies Press | PDF Full Text | PDF Summary | Website |

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) | Website |

2010 Common Core State Standards

CCSS Reading for Literacy in Science | PDF |

CCSS Writing for Literacy in Science | PDF |

CCSS English Language Arts - Full Text | PDF |

CCSS Math - Full Text | PDF |

Common Core State Standards Initiative | Website |

2003 Utah Core Standards

USOE Science Core - Sixth Grade | PDF |

USOE Science Core - Seventh Grade | PDF |

USOE Science Core - Eigth Grade | PDF |

USOE Science Core - Earth Systems (Old Course) | PDF |

USOE Science Core - Earth Science (New Course) | PDF |

USOE Science Core - Biology | PDF |

USOE Science Core - Chemistry | PDF |

USOE Science Core - Physics | PDF |

Utah Eduation Network (UEN) | Website |

1996 National Science Education Standards

National Academies Press | PDF Full Text | Website |

1993 Benchmarks for Science Literacy | Project 2061

Project 2061 Online | Website |