Aaron J. Powner, M.Ed.
High School Science Teacher

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Science Current Event Reports


  1. Create a Google Doc.
  2. Give it a title as follows: SCE.DATE.Period.Student Name (SCE stands for Science Current Event)
  3. Share editing priviledges with Mr. Powner & Miss Rebecca (under the File menu option)
  4. Copy and paste the following template into your Doc.
  5. Select a science current event article from one of the Approved Science News Websites (found below the template). Use the template section headings to complete your report

Current Event Report Template:

First & Last Name:
Course Name:
A/B Period:

Title of Current Event Article:

Source of Article (URL or Print Citation):

WHO (people, company, government branch, or institutions involved):

WHAT – What happened?  Summarize the article. (Maximum of 3 Sentences):

WHEN – Date of Current Event:

WHERE – Location of Current Event:

WHY - Why Might this Current Event be Important:

Your Personal Reaction to the Current Event:

Approved Science News Websites: