Aaron J. Powner, M.Ed.
High School Science Teacher

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Contact Information

Spectrum Academy High School
665 N Cutler Drive
North Salt Lake, Utah 84054

801-936-0318 Office
801-936-0209 Fax

Professional Credentials

Bachelor's Degree - B.S. in Biology from Purdue University (1996)

Published Scientific Findings - Anticancer Research 16:2863-2868 (1996)

Master's Degree - M.Ed. in Instruction & Curriculum from University of Florida (1998)

Utah Educator License

Personal History

I was raised on the east side of Indianapolis, Indiana. It was a nice area that was gradually overrun by expansion of the inner city. Within just a few blocks of my childhood home (easily accessed on my trusty bicycle), I had a wide range of cultural experiences. I had friends and acquaintances in run-down neighborhoods, gated islands of wealth, expansive trailer parks, retirement communities, inner-city appartment complexes, middle-class suburbs, open farmland, and secluded stretches of forest. I have always been easy-going and easily made friends with most everyone in my youth. I came to respect and get along with people from many backgrounds (racial, financial, religious, etc.).

I was taught early to love the outdoors. As a teen, I enjoyed frequent canoeing, fishing, camping, hiking, and other activities. I came to find more peace in my life as I connected with nature. I am an Eagle Scout. The ideals of my religious upbringing and the principles of scouting formed lasting impressions upon my system of ethics and my life goals.

I focused my university studies on the sciences. I earned a bachelor’s degree in biology, but I thoroughly enjoyed learning about all the sciences. My education quickly brought me to the realization that the more I learn, the more keenly I perceive how much more there is to learn. My studies ignited an intense curiosity in my mind which transformed me into a life-long student.

Following graduation, I prepared myself to teach secondary school, earning a master’s degree in education. I have been teaching teenagers about science and life since 1999, and I love it. I enjoy the vigor and relative purity of young minds. Laboring to introduce young people to new ideas and helping them develop their own basic understanding of our existence gives me great satisfaction.