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High School Science Teacher

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Earth Systems Textbook Resources

Front Matter | Student Resources

Unit.01 - Earth Science

Ch.01 - The Nature of Science
Ch.02 - Mapping Our World

Unit.02 - Composition of Earth

Ch.03 - Matter and Change
Ch.04 - Minerals
Ch.05 - Igneous Rocks
Ch.06 - Sedimentary and Metamophic Rocks

Unit.03 - Surface Processes on Earth

Ch.07 - Weathering, Erosion, and Soil
Ch.08 - Mass Movements, Wind, and Glaciers
Ch.09 - Surface Water
Ch.10 - Groundwater

Unit.04 - The Atmosphere and the Oceans

Ch.11 - Atmosphere
Ch.12 - Meteorology
Ch.13 - The Nature of Storms
Ch.14 - Climate
Ch.15 - Earth's Oceans
Ch.16 - The Marine Environment

Unit.05 - The Dynamic Earth

Ch.17 - Plate Tectonics
Ch.18 - Volcanism
Ch.19 - Earthquakes
Ch.20 - Mountain Building

Unit.06 - Fossils and the Rock Record

Ch.21 - Fossils and the Rock Record
Ch.22 - The Precambrian Earth
Ch.23 - The Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic Eras

Unit.07 - Resources and the Environment

Ch.24 - Earth Resources
Ch.25 - Energy Resources
Ch.26 - Human Impact on Resources

Unit.08 - Beyond Earth

Ch.27 - The Sun-Earth-Moon System
Ch.28 - Our Solar System
Ch.29 - Stars
Ch.30 - Galaxies and the Universe