Aaron J. Powner, M.Ed.
High School Science Teacher

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Polyatomic Ions (reference sheet)
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Curriculum Map / Disclosure / Syllabus

Term 1

Nature of Science


Lab Safety


Ch 2: Analyzing Data
Math Handbook for Chemistry Students


Ch 3: Properties and Changes of Matter


Ch 4: The Structure of the Atom


Ch 5: Electrons in Atoms


Ch 6: The Periodic Table and Periodic Law

Term 2

Ch 7: Ionic Compounds and Metals


Ch 8: Covalent Bonding


Ch 9: Chemical Reactions


Ch 10: The Mole

Term 3

Ch 11: Stoichiometry


Ch 12: States of Matter


Ch 13: Gasses


Ch 14: Mixtures and Solutions

Term 4

Ch 15: Energy and Chemical Change


Ch 16: Reaction Rates


Ch 17: Chemical Equilibrium


Ch 18: Acids and Bases