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High School Science Teacher

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Term 1

Aug 22-25: Welcome | HPS Syllabus

  Aug 28-29: Tree of Knowledge

Nature of Science:

Aug 30-Sep 2: Basics of Philosophy

Aug 30-Sep 2: Knowledge Theory - World Views

Sep 5-8: Truth Theory

Sep 8 (A) / Sep 1 (B): Science Current Event - Use Template


Sep 11-12: Truth Theory Test | Makeup Assignment for Test

Sep 13-15: Nature of Science (Conclusion)

Demarcation, Required Assumptions, and Limitations of Science

Degrees of Certainty

Scientific and Engineering Practices

Sep 18-22: Safety and Measurement

Lab Safety Lesson | Safety Test | Safety Contract - The safety contract must be signed and the safety test must be past with an 80% to participate in labs.

Languages of Science || Assignment: Worksheet

Metric System || Assignment: Group Exercises


Oct 2-6:

Begin Reading the Following: Unit 1 - Fundamental Issues

  • Worldviews
  • Truth
  • Empirical Facts and Philosophical/Conceptual Facts
  • Confirming and Disconfirming Evidence and Reasoning
  • The Quine-Duhem Thesis and Implications for Scientistfic Method
  • Philosophical Interlued: Problems and Puzzles of Induction
  • Falsifiability
  • Instrumentalism and Realism

Term 2

Transition form the Aristotelian Worldview to the Newtonian Worldview

  • Structure of the Univers on the Aristotelian Worldview
  • Preface to Ptolemy's Almagest: The Earth as Spherical, Stationary, and at the Center of the Universe
  • Astronomical Data: The Empirical Facts
  • Astronomical Data: The Philosophical/Conceptual Facts
  • The Ptolemaic System
  • The Copernican System
  • The Tychonic System
  • Kepler's System
  • Galileo and the Evidence from the Telescope
  • Summary of Problems Facing the Astistotelian Worldview
  • Philosophical and Conceptual Connections in the Development of the New Science
  • The Development of the Newtonian Worldview, 1700-1900

Recent Developments in Science and Worldviews

  • The Special Theory of Relativity
  • The General Theory of Relativity
  • Overview of the Empirical Facts, Mathematics, and Interpretations of Quantum Theory
  • Quantum Theory and Locality: EPR, Bell's Theorem, and the Aspect Experiments
  • Overview of the Theory of Evolution
  • Philosophical and Conceptual Implications of Evolution
  • Worldview Concluding Thoughts