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High School Science Teacher

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Term 1

Aug 22-25: Welcome | HPS Syllabus

  Aug 28-29: Tree of Knowledge

Nature of Science:

Aug 30-Sep 2: Basics of Philosophy

Aug 30-Sep 2: Knowledge Theory - World Views

Sep 5-8: Truth Theory

Sep 8 (A) / Sep 1 (B): Science Current Event - Use Template


Sep 11-12: Truth Theory Test | Makeup Assignment for Test

Sep 13-15: Nature of Science (Conclusion)

Demarcation, Required Assumptions, and Limitations of Science

Degrees of Certainty

Scientific and Engineering Practices

Sep 18-22: Safety and Measurement

Lab Safety Lesson | Safety Test | Safety Contract - The safety contract must be signed and the safety test must be past with an 80% to participate in labs.

Languages of Science || Assignment: Worksheet

Metric System || Assignment: Group Exercises


Oct 2 - Nov 7:

Begin Reading the Following: Unit 1 - Fundamental Issues

  • Worldviews
  • Truth
  • Empirical Facts and Philosophical/Conceptual Facts
  • Confirming and Disconfirming Evidence and Reasoning
  • The Quine-Duhem Thesis and Implications for Scientistfic Method
    • Quine-Duhem
    • Undetermination
    • "The" scientific method
    • Axiomatic approach (Aristotle vs Descarte)
    • Popper
  • Philosophical Interlued: Problems and Puzzles of Induction
  • Falsifiability
  • Instrumentalism and Realism

Term 2

Nov 14

HPS Test - Part 1 - Fundamental Issues

Make a copy of the template and save to your Google Drive. Take your time. This is open book and open note. Craft your responses carefully. This test may be retaken to improve your grade.

Nov 16

Assignment: Ch 9 Individual Notes

Nov 18-Dec 14

Dec 11

Assignment: Ch 10 Group Notes

Transition form the Aristotelian Worldview to the Newtonian Worldview

  • Structure of the Univers on the Aristotelian Worldview (Mechanology vs Teleology)
  • Preface to Ptolemy's Almagest: The Earth as Spherical, Stationary, and at the Center of the Universe
  • Astronomical Data: The Empirical Facts
  • Astronomical Data: The Philosophical/Conceptual Facts
  • The Ptolemaic System

Dec 14

Assignment: Ch 14 Group Notes

  • The Copernican System
  • The Tychonic System
  • Kepler's System
  • Galileo and the Evidence from the Telescope
  • Summary of Problems Facing the Astistotelian Worldview
  • Philosophical and Conceptual Connections in the Development of the New Science
  • The Development of the Newtonian Worldview, 1700-1900

Recent Developments in Science and Worldviews

  • The Special Theory of Relativity
  • The General Theory of Relativity
  • Overview of the Empirical Facts, Mathematics, and Interpretations of Quantum Theory
  • Quantum Theory and Locality: EPR, Bell's Theorem, and the Aspect Experiments
  • Overview of the Theory of Evolution
  • Philosophical and Conceptual Implications of Evolution
  • Worldview Concluding Thoughts