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Term 1 Aug 22-25: Welcome / Biology Syllabus
  Aug 28-29: Tree of Knowledge

Nature of Science:

Aug 30-Sep 2: Basics of Philosophy

Aug 30-Sep 2: Knowledge Theory - World Views

Sep 5-8: Truth Theory

Sep 8 (A) / Sep 1 (B): Science Current Event - Use Template


Sep 11-12: Truth Theory Test | Makeup Assignment for Test

Sep 13-15: Nature of Science (Conclusion)

Demarcation, Required Assumptions, and Limitations of Science

Degrees of Certainty

Scientific and Engineering Practices

Sep 18-22: Safety and Measurement

Lab Safety Lesson | Safety Test | Safety Contract - The safety contract must be signed and the safety test must be past with an 80% to participate in labs.

Languages of Science || Assignment: Worksheet

Sep 25-29

Metric System || Assignment: Group Exercises


Oct 2 - forward

Biology classes will be moving to the state-sponsored Canvas system. Please log into this new system to check for assignments and participate in learning activities.. The link can be found in the tools section of this page above.


Term 2

Nov 2-3

Microscope Worksheet