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High School Science Teacher

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Biology Curriculum Expectations
ALISON Course - Fundamentals of Biology
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Human A&P

Jan 22-23: Welcome

Biology Syllabus / Disclosure

Safety Presentation
Safety Contract - Sign and Return *** Required ***

Jan 24 - Feb 1:

Safety Quiz

Chapter 9: Cellular Reproduction

Cell Growth
Copying the Nucleus
Cell Division
Regulation of the Cell Cycle

Review Videos (Chapters 6 - 9):

Biological Molecules - You Are What You Eat (Crash Course Biology #3)

Overview of Cell Structure

In Da Club - Membranes & Transport (Crash Course Biology #5)

ATP & Respiration (Crash Course Biolgy #7)

Photosynthesis (Crash Course Biology #8)

DNA Structure & Replication (Crash Course Biology #10)

Mitosis: Splitting Up is Complicated (Crash Course Biology #12)

Feb 2 or 9 - Assignment: Biology-Related Current Event Report

Feb 5 - 8

Test: Cells (Chapters 6 - 9)

Read chapters
Study notes
Make vocab flashcards
Practice drawing diagrams of cycles

Feb 9 - 15

Lab: Growing Cell Cultures

Video: Swabbing a Petri Dish

Assignment - simplified lab report:

  1. diagram - petri dish loaded with growth media and how you inoculated it with a sample collected on a cotton swab
  2. paragraph - describe how you collected the sample and from where
  3. paragraph - describe how you used the petri dish
  4. paragraph - describe the results of incubating the petri dishes for 7 days

Jan ???

DNA Replication

Protein Synthesis: Transcription & Translation